Slack App Configuration

Installing Reciprocity to your Slack Workspace will create a new channel #reciprocity, where your members can Ask or Offer advice, introductions, and more.

It will also create a #pending-matches channel where you can moderate which of your members' posts that our algorithm identifies match with one another. When that happens, Reciprocity will post it in this channel for your approval.

During admin onboarding, Reciprocity will ask your permission to post once in your #general channel or elsewhere to introduce the #reciprocity channel and invite members to join.

Reciprocity will only contact members who join the #reciprocity channel, with an DM onboarding flow that helps them make their first Ask and Offer. After that, it will only contact members when a Match is made with one of their posts and approved by you the admin.

When members Ask or Offer, Reciprocity will post it for them in the #reciprocity channel. It will no post anywhere else, after the initial introduction post in #general from the admin.